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Ninth European URAL meeting

Actualizată în: 3 mar. 2020

Where? Ural Europe headquarters, Upper Austria, A-4614 Marchtrenk


Arrival: Friday, September 4, 2020 Departure: Sunday, September 6, 2020


Ural Europa premises, 4614 Marchtrenk, Albrechtstr. 26

For the first time we are organizing the European Ural Meeting at our Ural headquarters. We will adapt our warehouse as an infrastructure for hosting a party. We have enough space for a campsite and there are hotels in all price categories in the vicinity.

Program The main program is for us Ural drivers. Possibly more than 200 Ural teams from all over Europe are expected, Urals come from Portugal to Finland, from England to Russia.

Social program We offer 2 trips for Saturday.

A guided tour of approx. 60 km to Schwanenstadt to visit the Oldtimer Grand Prix. We visited this great event 2 years ago, but with pouring rain. This year we want to watch the oldtimer teams at the race in the best weather conditions and we will probably even be able to do a quick lap with the Urals on the race track.

The roadbook rally will be the biggest attraction for many. We will also choose a nice lap for the classic car race to Schwanenstadt, but garnish it with some gravel, forest and meadow passages and small off-road special tests.

We bring live music on Saturday evening.

During the entire meeting our shop for merchandising and accessories program is open for purchase and we will open a flea market. There are used and defective parts for Ural and Dnepr motorcycles to browse and buy.

As always, we pay great attention to the high-quality catering of our guests.


Hotels, guest houses and rooms: A list can be found below . We recommend booking soon, because there will be a lot of room. We are happy to help participants who do not get along well with the hoteliers when booking.

Tent: The meeting takes place on our company premises. We can set up tents around the company building and on the meadows of the neighbors. We allocate campsites. We request that only small tents be set up. Unfortunately we have no space for tent palaces. We have an infrastructure with toilets and showers in the company building.

Departure Sunday evening, September 6, 2020, we must have completely cleared the premises.

Costs are unfortunately Participation in the meeting is free.  Camping costs EUR 5 per person per night.  Participation in the Road book Rally costs EUR 25, -  Please login form submit to e-mail: , so we know how many barrels of beer and stilt we are to obtain

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